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In Curricular Programmes & Workshops

In Curricular Workshops:

Early Years:

Our Creative Movement Early Years Programme is designed to allow children to develop physically by undertaking a range of fun dance and movement activities, personally, socially and emotionally by exploring world themes and events in a creative and expressive setting while using each of our themes as a tool to enhance literacy and numeracy. Each session allows children to communicate creatively to enhance language, confidence and personal development and reinforces the framework for The National Early Years Foundation Stage.


Primary Education:

Creative Arts Schools Programme: can be implemented within the PE curriculum (dance specific) and also follow a subject specific termly theme e.g. History – Egyptians using dancing and acting. The programme has been designed to increase knowledge, skills and critical thinking as well as helping students solve problems, make informed decisions, work independently and as part of a team. Each session allows pupils to communicate creatively to enhance communication, confidence and personal development.


Fundamentals Programme: runs for 10 weeks throughout the school term. The aim of the programme is to get children to take part in 300 minutes of physical activity a week, it could be anything ranging from dancing to walking to school and playing football or jumping on the trampoline.

The NHS choices website state that children aged between 5 to 18 should do “at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and this should range from moderate activity, such as cycling and playground activities, to vigorous activity, such as running and tennis.”

At the start and the end of the programme the children take part in a fun fitness test and healthy eating quiz to measure each child’s progression. Within the programme children try a range of activities from: Rounders, New Age Kurling and Athletics to Street Dance. The children complete and activity diary every week and are rewarded for completing their 300 minutes of exercise.


Secondary and Post-16 Education:

An education specialist from our team will listen to your requirements to design a bespoke programme based around the aims and objectives for your pupils. Some examples include; engaging less active pupils in physical activity and providing a fun interactive experience around the benefits of being active, or promoting healthy body image to young women to help increase confidence and self-esteem. We can also support with GCSE and BTEC Dance.