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Bespoke Project Design

At Nouveau Wellbeing, we work closely with Education partners to design bespoke projects that tackle a range of challenges through dance and physical activity, including anti-bullying, stress, and physical inactivity. Please see an example of one of our bespoke projects below, designed in partnership with Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington.

Fit 4 Work, Fit 4 Life: Darlington Education Project: 


Nouveau Wellbeing and  Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College worked in partnership to engage 152 students in fun and interactive dance and fitness sessions. Through case studies, questionnaires, activity diaries and group discussion we were able to identify that this had contributed towards:

– Improved confidence

– Increased physical activity levels

– Increased awareness of the importance of physical activity in relation to physical and mental health

– Increased awareness of the importance of keeping fit and healthy in relation to educational success and working life.

45 young people were recruited as Dance and Fitness Activators volunteering time to co-teach, promote activity and share learning.

Jordan aged 14, enjoys playing computer games and hanging out with his friends. He heard about the project whilst attending PE and thought it might be something that he would enjoy. Being able to build his upper body strength is something that he most enjoyed and as a result has made him feel more confident. He encouraged more of his friends to join the project and they now continue to workout together.

Ewan aged 15, enjoys reading, playing games and cycling. Since participating in the project he feels more positive about himself and says he now enjoys fitness, particularly group exercise. The part he enjoyed most about the project was being able to compete against his friends.